singing,eye catching


■singing,eye catching


I sent only the pose to the main house with the illustration I sang on YouTube. The illustration of sadness was lowered to make the emotion stand out more.

This was drawn at the request of a neutral atmosphere.

As for gender, it is male.

I drew an illustration of the delivery standby screen of Myua-sama!

The actual swaying is cute!

vtuber 待機画面イラスト

This is vtuber Rumba, who i had the pleasure of drawing.


Here, I created an illustration for ASMR. 

It's a thumbnail of the song I tried. The image is strawberries and melons.

It was the same people, and it was a request for an MV illustration.

It was the same children, and it was a request for MV illustration.


It was a request to give an illustration to a friend.

girl and dog

This is a thumbnail of a YouTube video teaching soccer. I think I was able to create a good sisterly atmosphere.

I drew an illustration of V Liver's goods.

Dear Houka Daiya.

I drew "" at the request of Youtube manga.

I drew it with special emphasis on the eyes, outline and hairstyle to make it look like it.

The reason for hiring him was that he thought "I can draw an idol!" from my drawing.

It was a request to convey a character in the image of a night work scoutman with a cute picture without words (eye-catching production).


Icons for social networking profiles.

Header illustrations for twitter and other social networking sites.

Thumbnails of youtube,blogparts,youtube songs.

Primary,secondary,copycat and culinary illustrations.