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Only for requests related to illustrations,We will reply you within 24 hours.

If there is no reply, there is a possibility that some kind of problem has occurred, so please contact us from []


Regarding the touch of illustration, it is smooth if you choose from a single picture and a reproduction or production experience.



Regarding the touch of illustration, it is smooth if you choose from a single picture and a reproduction and production results.

 I handle a wide range of illustrations and cuts for children's books, game illustrations, advertisements, etc.

Individuals may be smooth if they request from coconala, whose price is easy to understand.

If you notice the design, please make a request.

I promise to draw your request responsibly and offer more than the price.



メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Illustration Price List


Character Full Body(one) 10,000~15,000yen Prices vary depending on accessories and clothing decoration.
Facial expression difference(1pattern) 500yen  
background 10,000yen The price depends on the amount of drawing in.
food(1item) 3000yen It is not part of the background, but independent. The price varies depending on the size, amount to draw, simplicity, garnish, etc.
Live2D parts division illust 10000~  


Illustration Fee=Production fee + temporary usage fee (fee for using the drawn illustration only once)

For example, if you want to use the same illustration in a medium other than the contract (a different book from the book to be published in the contract, the medium itself is different, etc.)


Illustration fee = production fee + temporary usage fee + secondary usage fee.


If it is used in other media without reporting to us, it will be difficult to judge how it is used, and if it is used in an unintended way, you may not be able to work as an illustrator.


It can also cause friction if Company A and Company B, which are competitors, use the same image character.


Therefore, please do not use it without permission.


We do not purchase out illustrations (transfer of copyright).

【Sample】Food illustration 


The food is about 3000yen for this amount of drawing and quantity.


【Sample】Character whole body (one)



It costs 10000~15000 yen for this amount of drawing.


Flow until delivery

*Inquiries (digital drawing only)



Please exchange text such as e-mail or data.


At the time of the meeting, the medium, the number of points, the number of colors (color, monochrome, two-color printing, etc.), the touch of the request, the size, the delivery form,

Delivery time (I think it depends on the content, but I would appreciate it if you could give me about a month.) We will ask you if you can publish the results and your budget.

If you can provide reference materials, etc., it will be possible to produce more smoothly.


*Create Rough

I will make a rough sketch based on your request.


*Create lineart,Coloring

Please check the rough, correct it, and if you receive OK,  I do line art and coloring.



Please check the finish and color, and we will correct it if requested.

Correction of the composition and pose itself will cost the same price as creating a new one, so please check carefully when rough.


*delivery of goods

After checking, if you receive OK, we will deliver it by email or online storage such as gigafile delivery.

We will send you an invoice when you receive it, so please transfer it by the due date.

* If you use it for purposes other than those requested, a fee will be charged.